Thursday, October 11, 2007

Worthy Of Note

Hats off to neighbor Patricia Neely.Not only is she the manager of New York Affairs for the prestigious Sphynx organization, a group dedicated to the furtherance of minorities in the classics....but she is also the featured artist of the month for the Myrtle Hart Society.
Patricia Ann Neely (vielle, viola da gamba, violone, and Baroque double bass) holds a BA in music from Vassar College and an MFA in early music from Sarah Lawrence College. She studied viola da gamba with Grace Feldman in New Haven, Judith Davidoff in New York, and Wieland Kuijken in Brussels and for three years was the medieval fiddle player with the acclaimed medieval ensemble, Sequentia, based in Cologne, Germany and directed by Benjamin Bagby and the late Barbara Thornton. Ms. Neely has been a core member of The Publick Musick, "Rochester's Baroque Orchestra" (Rochester, New York and the 2000 winners of the prestigious Noah Greenberg award), and NYS Baroque. She was also creator and founding member of the viola da gamba consort Parthenia.
Now just what is the viola da gamba?? The viol (often referred to by its Italian name viola da gamba) is a bowed, fretted stringed musical instrument played between the legs (da gamba) like a cello. It developed in the 15th century and was used primarily in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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