Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Percy Ellis Sutton Way"

Warmest Greetings to all you Rivertonian's and friends. It is with great pleasure that we announce that the westerly border of Riverton, Fifth Avenue-from 110th to 142nd streets, will henceforth be known as Percy Ellis Sutton Way. Big "props" to a big man!!
Seitou Aronde -Photo
On another note, as the year ends, we'd like to invite any who might be interested, to avail yourselves of the tax benefit arising from supporting the continued production of the film "Down by The Riverside" through a tax deductible contribution to the friends of Fred Samuels foundation (via Producer Glenn Hunter at 2300 fifth avenue). Recent interviews for the film include the esteemed David Dinkins, Pulitzer Prize Winning author Leon Dash and many others. Thanks to the many folks who have contributed to the preservation of this great historical legacy. The story goes on!!

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